ITS関連用語 略語集

AAAAmerican Automobile Association
AASHTOAmerican Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
ABSAnti-lock Braking System
ACCAdaptive Cruise Control
ADEPTAutomatic Debiting and Electronic Payment for Transport
ADSAutomatic Debiting Systems
AFCAutomatic Fare Collection/Automatic Fee Collection
AHSAutomated Highway System
AHSRAAdvanced Cruise-Assist Highway System Research Association
ALIAutofahrer Leit und Informations Systems
AMTICSAdvanced Mobile Traffic Information and Communication Systems
APTSAdvanced Public Transportation Systems
ARIBAssociation of Radio Industries and Businesses
ARTSAdvanced Road Transportation Systems
ARTSAdvanced Rural Transportation Systems
ASTMAmerican Society for Testing & Materials
ASVAdvanced Safety Vehicle
ATCArea Traffic Control
ATISAdvanced Traffic Information Service
ATISAdvanced Traveler information Systems
ATMSAdvanced Traffic Management Systems
ATTAdvanced Transport Telematics
AVCAutomated Vehicle Classification
AVCSAdvanced Vehicle Control Systems
AVCSSAdvanced Vehicle Control and Safety Systems
AVGAutomated Vehicle Guidance
AVIAutomatic Vehicle Identification
AVLAutomatic Vehicle Location
AVLCAutomatic Vehicle Location and Control
BECSBus Emergency Communication System
CACSComprehensive Automobile Traffic Control System
CASCollision Avoidance Systems
CDMACode Division Multiple Access
CDPDCellular Digital Packet Data
CENComite Europeen de Normalisation
CENELECComite Europeen de Normalisation Electrotechnique
COST30Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research
CSMACarrer Sense Multiple Access
CSMA/CDCarrer Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
CVOCommercial Vehicle Operations
CWSCollision Warning Systems
D-GPSDifferential-Global Positioning System
DOTDepartment of Transportation
DLLData Link Layer
DRGSDynamic Route Guidance Systems
DRIVEDedicated Road Infrastructure for Vehicle Safety in Europe
DRMDigital Road Map
DRTDemand Response Transportation
DSDirect Sequence
DSRCDedicated Short Range Communications
EIAElectronic Industries Association
EPMSEnvironment Protection Management Systems
ERGSElectronic Route Guidance System
ERTICOEuropean Road Transport Telematics Implementation
ETCElectronic Toll Collection
EVElectric Vehicle
FDMAFrequency Division Multiple Access
FFMFreight and Fleet Management
FHFrequency Hopping
FHWAFederal Highway Administration
FMSFreeway Management Systems
FRAFederal Railroad Administration
FTAFederal Transit Administration
FTMSFreeway Traffic Management System
GDFGeographic Data File
GISGeographic Information System
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GSMGlobal System for Mobile Communications
HELPHeavy Vehicle Electronic License Plate
HIDOHighway Industry Development Organization
HOVHigh-Occupancy Vehicle
ICCSIntelligent Cruise Control Systems
IEEEThe Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IPInternet Protocol
IrDAInfrared Data Association
IRVDInfrared Vehicle Detector
ISOInternational Standards Organization/International Organization for Standardization
ISTEAIntermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act
ITCSIntegrated Traffic Control Systems
ITEInstitute of Transportation Engineers
ITIIntelligent Transportation Infrastructure
ITSIntelligent Transport Systems
ITS AmericaIntelligent Transportation Society of America
ITUInternational Telecommunication Union
ITU-RInternational Telecommunication Union - Radio Communication Sector
IVCInter-Vehicle Communication
IVHSIntelligent Vehicle Highway Systems
IVHS AmericaIntelligent Vehicle Highway Society of America
IVIIntelligent Vehicle Initiative
IVISin-Vehicle Information Systems
JASICJapan Automobile Standards Internationalization Center
JDRMAJapan Digital Road Map Association
JSAESociety of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc.
JSKAssociation of Electronic Technology for Automobile Traffic and Driving
JTMTAJapan Traffic Management Technology Association
LDRGLocally-Determined Route Guidance
LEVLow Emission Vehicle
LLCLogical Link Control
MACMedia Access Control
MDTMobile Data Terminal
MEPCMetropolitan Expressway Public Corporation
MISTManagement Information System for Transportation
MITIMinistry of International Trade and Industry
MOCMinistry of Construction
MOCSMobile Operation Control Systems
MOCTMinistry of Construction and Transportation
MOTMinistry of Transport
MPTMinistry of Posts and Telecommunications
NAFTANorth American Free Trade Agreement
NAHSCNational Automated Highway System Consortium
NEXTEANational Economic Crossroads Transportation Efficiency Act
NHTSANational Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NPANational Police Administration
NTCIPNational Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol
PCSPersonal Communications Device
PDApersonal Digital Assistant
PDCPreview Distance Control
PGISParking Guidance and Information System
PROMETHEUSProgramme for a European Traffic with Highest Efficiency and Unprecedented Safety
PROMISEPersonal Mobile Traveler Information Service
PROMOTEProgramme for Mobility in Transportation in Europe
PROMPTPriority and Informatics in Public Transport
PTPublic Transport
PTPSPublic Transportation Priority Systems
RACSRoad Automobile Communication System
RSPAResearch and Special Programs Administration
RT-TRACSReal-time Traffic Adaptive Control System
RTARoads and Traffic Authority
RTIRoad Transport Informatics
RTTTRoad Traffic and Transport Telematics
SAESociety of Automotive Engineers
SCOOTSplit Cycle Offset Optimization Technique
SSSpread Spectrum
SSVSSuper Smart Vehicle System
TCPTransmission Control Protocol
TDMTraffic Demand Management
TDMATime Division Multiple Access
TEA-21The Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century
TERNTrans-European Network for Transport
TICSTransport Information and Control Systems
TMCTraffic Management Center
TMCTraffic Message Channel
TMCTransportation Management Center
TOSTraffic Operations System
TRACSTraffic Adaptive Control System
T-TapTransport Telematics Applications Programme
TTITraffic and Travel Information
TTICTraffic and Travel Information Center
UDPUser Datagram Protocol
US.DOTUnited Stated Department of Transportation
UTCUrban Traffic Control
UTMUrban Traffic Management
UTMSUniversal Traffic Management Society of Japan
UTMSUniversal Traffic Management Systems
VERTISVehicle, Road and Traffic Intelligence Society
VICSVehicle Information and Communication System
VNISVehicle Navigation and Information Systems Conference
VTCVehicular Technology Conference
ZEVZero Emission Vehicle